Is this you...?

  • you have big exciting dreams, but also big confusion about how to start

  • you make great work, but you aren't sure how to present it in a real way to your ideal audience (who would so love to have your stuff!)

  • procrastinating... veiled as perfectionism, aka: waiting to *start* getting visible until you're *worthy*

  • loser-itis: asking yourself that if you haven't done it yet, "How could I possibly start NOW?"

  • feeling anxious about how you look, sound, and feel on video

  • saying you'll get visible online "tomorrow" (then, conveniently deciding it would be a great day to Marie Kondo your desk first...)

  • feeling like you have to have/be/do things that aren't "YOU" in order to be accepted in your industry

  • thinking there's no market for your personality or your work (because everyone has already done it or is doing it better than you ever could)

I'm Emily Rose, the Confidence Girl, and Success Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs

I help Creative Entrepreneurs create their most remarkable work, and authentically connect with an audience of fans and clients who will love them. 

"Making it" takes work. It takes discovering and developing your own brand of confidence so that you can shine online and stand out with what makes your work unique, brilliant, and valuable.

Meet Emily Rose Giddings, the confidence girl:

Born a bookish wallflower in Indiana, I was your average dork. I laid low and tried to act normal. (THANKS ACNE!)


Fast forward to adulthood, I worked my butt off to learn how to get self-disciplined and confident on stage. Now I'm a touring indie musician, spending most of my year traveling to all the places I dreamed of as a nerdy teen.


I dance on stage, I shine on screen, I'm comfortable with the limelight, and I'm fascinated with all things related to the Psychology of Confidence and Creativity. In fact, I'm heading back to school in 2020 to become a global expert.


As an IcF-approved program certified life coach, I support my clients to make their most remarkable work, create consistently, and connect confidently to an audience who will love them, so that by shining they are selling, serving, and making a fabulous living delivering their expertise.

I'm also a coffee-addicted, moderately-wine loving, part-Italian lady. My hero is Indiana Jones. I always overwater my plants and I am currently living at an artist's residency in California writing my next album, while I serve my clients to create and share their most incredible work too.

Learning the science and art of confidence has helped me:

  • sell more apparel than any other employee at a controversially famous store (cough, cough, American Apparel #1 Sales Associate)


  • make it seem cool to sell appliances on an online cooking show for Kenmore while being a live-broadcast online cooking show co-host. 


  • disco dance in front of audiences of hundreds while performing in my band on tour around the country for months at a time.


  • be the go-to person for friends and colleagues cringing in anxiety over public appearances, speeches, performances, plays, concerts, videos, etc.


  • create profound transformations of self-esteem, confidence in marketing, and creative achievement for my private clients.


  • help clients discover what brilliance that sets them apart from the rest of the pack and co-create unique programs and services based upon it.

me, in a nutshell:

I am a success coach for creative entrepreneurs.

I help people develop the guts to go full Rambo / full Dolly Parton towards the lives, art, and businesses of their dreams.


I help people feel amazing about filming themselves on video so that they can wow their audience. I help entrepreneurs develop their signature methods and get brave advertising them.

I help fellow performers work the stage like Cher. I empower the fearful to leap towards their dreams with a strategy.

I help fellow artists create deeper, more meaningful work, and figure out how to share it with a wider online captivated audience. 


For fun, I like to help shy friends go on dates.

I also entertain crowds while wearing a sequin sparkle


If I'm not talking about the arts, I'm probably talking about the psychology of confidence and/or creativity.





(except for that one time all of the music suddenly cut out and I was singing acapella to a room full of fancy New Yorkers and it was so AWKWARD that I wanted to disappear in a poof of pink smoke...

but instead I owned that moment, suprised myself with good pitch, and lived to tell the tale.)

my superpower is:

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