You can't easily become confident sharing your work if you're stuck in mega fright about being seen, so I made something to fix that for you.

Usually, freebies are preschool-level resources, but not this one. This guide includes everything I've researched and used on myself or developed for my clients who get very sweaty and anxious thinking about going public. 


Why would I give away something so valuable? 
Because I'm nice like that.


and because Step #1 is getting over the major-freakouts so that you can step further forward into confidence and hire a coach to do move forward toward shining online and in real life is a big deal. 


And also because once you get over your initial visibility fears, you'll want me in your life as your cheerleader, mentor, coach, and digital pal (the kind where you can keep up the friendship by texting gifs because, tbh, we're both actually introverts)

download this asap, and skip the fear-sweat.



This guide will get you out of your safety bunker a.k.a "research and development mode" into ACTION. You will discover a vibrant, confident, capable you, who ACTUALLY GETS COMFORTABLE BEING VISIBLE (Hello Video)!



Because, those piles of marketing plans and genius ideas aren’t worth much if you’re STILL avoiding getting visible with them. 

And, because the best to be successful as a unique coach / artist / entrepreneur is to confidently stand out as yourself and that means getting beyond the fear of being seen.

"If you’re hiding it’s a hobby.

If you’re shining online, you’re serving

(and selling)."

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